Fire services consultancy

We prevent accidents from happening

The best way to protect people and business continuity is to prevent accidents from happening. Our services cover the entire safety cycle from safety regulations, risk assessments, prevention and preparation to intervention and aftercare.

Operating in today’s industrial environment is extremely challenging when faced with a myriad of demanding regulation. With a marketplace full of consultants who offer Emergency Management services, often with little, or no practical experience, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Not only do we at Falck Fire Services UK understand that dilemma we are here to resolve it.

Our consultant practitioners have decades of experience in assessment, prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. We have a proven track record when it comes to managing some of the UK’s most valuable assets, many of which are nationally recognised to be important to the UK’s economic wellbeing.
Our consultants' primary aim is to offer clients a cost effective range of emergency management solutions. Our goal is to establish long term partnership arrangements that safeguard the future of your business, secure regulatory compliance and protect and builds your reputation.

We continuously optimise the processes from lessons learnt and share insights globally to improve the level of safety.

We offer a range of consultancy services

  • Fire and explosion hazard management
  • Active fire protective system design and testing (fixed, semi fixed and mobile systems)
  • Fire strategy
  • Consequence analysis and assessment
  • Emergency response organisation design
  • Emergency planning, training and testing
  • Crisis management
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Third party audit and assessment

We perform specialised consultancy services for complex safety issues. In parallel we offer operational consultancy services to optimise operations. Our experienced consultants are among the leading experts globally. They draw upon an extensive knowledge base to ensure your safety and compliance of operations in accordance with industry regulatory requirements.


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